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How To Choose The Best Makeup Vanity Mirrors With Lights

Different types of vanity mirrors  A mirror isn’t just a mirror, especially when it comes to makeup and styling. There are different types of vanity mirrors and each are suited to different tasks, from your casual morning makeup routine right through to beauty treatments, like eyebrow shaping and tweezing. Hollywood Mirrors Definitely one of the […]

Create an eye-catching look in any room in your home with stunning pieces of mirrored furniture.

Where can I put mirrored furniture? Due to the versatility of mirrored furniture, it can be used in practically all rooms in your home. The most used areas for pieces of mirrored furniture are bedrooms or dressing areas. These spaces are where we can really rubber stamp our own personalities, so it’s not a surprise […]


Funny how the words white Hollywood mirror can stir up confusion when in fact, the only thing that makes this type different from others is its colour. The word ‘white’ pertains to the colour of the frame. Why do many people prefer it? That’s because a white Hollywood mirror offers a number of obvious advantages. […]

vertical big bulb mirror

Our Hollywood Mirrors explained

A question we’re often asked by customers looking to purchase one of our Hollywood Mirrors is ‘should I buy the standard mirror or the Hollywood Mirrors?’ A factor for many people that decides which of the two they buy is the difference in cost, and whether it’s worth paying for the pricier Hollywood Mirrors version. […]


Do you ever get frustrated with your morning makeup routine due to uneven lighting causing your eyeliner to look lopsided? Or maybe you’ve had to cancel a night out because it’s impossible to blend your eye shadow in a dimly lit room? You’re not the only one. Plenty of people around the world face this […]

Why Using An LED Vanity Mirror is Best For Your Makeup Routine

LED Vanity Mirrors have gained popularity recently as they provide ample lighting to your makeup routine. The best vanity mirrors with lights are capable of providing the correct brightness and can even mimic natural sunlight. LED lights are the best as they are eco-friendly and energy saving. Below we go over the additional benefits of […]

Everything You Need to Know About LED Mirrors

Choosing a new mirror should be a simple case of choosing the size and shape that you want, but unfortunately it’s not. The choice these days can be overwhelming, so let us guide you through everything you need to know about LED mirrors to help you find the perfect one for you.   Isn’t Choosing […]

6 Unexpected Uses Of Hollywood Mirrors

Hollywood mirrors are most commonly used in dressing rooms or bathrooms as a vanity station. This is because the bright bulbs are great for getting ready and checking yourself out, not to mention they immediately add glamour and style to the room. But just because these are typically used for vanity stations, this doesn’t mean […]


Hollywood Mirrors are a great addition to any bedroom. Not only are they great for their lighting advantages when it comes doing your hair and makeup, the lights can also create soft lighting in the room, setting a relaxed atmosphere. Our Hollywood Mirrors also have a stunning aesthetic, complete with a glamorous, vintage appeal, all […]

Hollywood Mirrors A Dressing Room Must-Have

Lights, camera, action! Bring a touch of glamour to your dressing room with our collection of Hollywood Mirrors. Here at Docarelife Furniture, we’re super-proud of all of the wonderful mirrored pieces we have on offer. Your home will shine bright with the Hollywood Mirror taking centre stage in any dressing room setting. And don’t forget, […]


Choose one of the exquisite Hollywood mirrors and transform your bedroom for your bedroom experience with the brilliance of our exquisite illuminated makeup mirror. Advantages of our Vanity Table With Hollywood Mirror 1. It can be used in combination with LED bulbs to realize economical lighting. This can help save energy and save you money […]

Top 5 Benefits of Hollywood Mirrors

Our Hollywood Mirrors are always popular with our customers; not only because they add a touch of class to any room they are in, but because of their high quality. Hollywood Mirrors have been around for decades now: getting their name from the Hollywood movie sets they were first used on, it is no wonder […]

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