Why Using An LED Vanity Mirror is Best For Your Makeup Routine

LED Vanity Mirrors have gained popularity recently as they provide ample lighting to your makeup routine. The best vanity mirrors with lights are capable of providing the correct brightness and can even mimic natural sunlight. LED lights are the best as they are eco-friendly and energy saving. Below we go over the additional benefits of using an LED Vanity Mirror.


Energy Efficient

LED lights not only save money and energy, but are also environmentally conscious as they do not use any harmful chemicals like mercury and lead.

Our LED Vanity Mirror emits softly diffused LED light that perfectly imitates natural lighting.

Exceptional Quality of Lighting

LED lights can produce different color temperatures and can copy the light produced by the sun with a high level of brightness.

Estala’s Vanity Mirror LEDlight bulbs are fully adjustable, not only for brightness but also for warmth – choose between pure white & warmer yellow to achieve ideal lighting conditions.

Avoid Makeup Blunders

With the versatile lighting settings, an LED vanity mirror can provide a natural, daylight or dim light. This can and will make a difference in your makeup routine.

Our Hollywood Vanity Mirror’s lighting memory function will store your personalized settings, so you’ll have perfect makeup lighting every time and avoid mishaps.

Remember ladies, you don’t have to do your makeup in bad lighting anymore. You are now able to easily purchase an environmental friendly LED Vanity Mirror with exceptional lighting options. Once you are using one, you’ll realize that getting yourself a top of the line Vanity Mirror is the best decision you’ve ever made in regards to your beauty routine.

Check out our best selling Hollywood Vanity Mirror today and feel like a celebrity while getting ready each day.

Everything You Need to Know About LED Mirrors

Choosing a new mirror should be a simple case of choosing the size and shape that you want, but unfortunately it’s not. The choice these days can be overwhelming, so let us guide you through everything you need to know about LED mirrors to help you find the perfect one for you.


Isn’t Choosing a New Mirror Easy?
Not too long ago, the only decision you had to make when buying a mirror was which size and style you wanted. Then came illuminated mirrors, but these were expensive, power-hungry and likely to require a new bulb every few months, especially if you forgot to turn it off during the day/night. Modern illuminated bathroom mirrors forgo cumbersome fluorescent bulbs in favour of cheaper, more energy-efficient and longer lasting LEDs. (We’ll talk about this more later).

So, actually, it would appear that when it comes to buying a new mirror, not much has changed. Shape and size are still important, and there’s the added choice of whether you want LED illumination, but apart from that, there’s not much else to consider…. or so you might have thought. In actual fact, the choice when it comes to LED bathroom mirrors could leave you feeling as disorientated as if you were in an actual mirror maze.

A (Very) Brief History of the Mirror

It is thought that humans most likely used pools of dark, still water as the first ‘mirrors,’ although quite what they would have needed to see, one can only imagine. The earliest manufactured mirrors were crafted from polished stone as early as 6000 BC and it took roughly 2000 years for the first metal mirrors to be made. In the following six millenia, not much progress was made; glass became the primary material, with a thin layer of metal providing the shine; mirrors became smoother and more reflective; and experiments were made with concave and convex mirrors, but it wasn’t until around 5 years ago that mirrors really began to change.

The Benefits of LEDs
There are numerous reasons why LEDs are now the go-to lighting option in all walks of life, from car manufacturers to housing. Here’s our rundown (in no particular order):

Firstly, LEDs are significantly cheaper and easier to produce than fluorescent lights. This reduced price benefits not just the manufacturers, but you, the customer as well.

LEDs are also the most energy-efficient way of lighting a mirror, saving you money off your energy bill and doing your bit for the environment at the same time. They also have a far superior lifespan. The average LED has a lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours, some 42 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. Without going too much into kilowatts and electrical jargon, the average LED over its 50,000 hour life will cost roughly 1/6 that of a traditional bulb, so perhaps it’s not just in your mirrors where you should be looking to replace bulbs.

6 Unexpected Uses Of Hollywood Mirrors

Hollywood mirrors are most commonly used in dressing rooms or bathrooms as a vanity station. This is because the bright bulbs are great for getting ready and checking yourself out, not to mention they immediately add glamour and style to the room.

But just because these are typically used for vanity stations, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them.

If you’ve already got a Hollywood mirror at home or you’re planning on buying one, we’re here to inspire you. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of six unexpected ways you can use your mirror in your home.

1. In an outdoor setting
If you love to spend your time outdoors and you have a dedicated covered area where you sit or an outdoor bar or summer house, why not jazz this space up with a Hollywood mirror.

Not only can this look great and make your outdoor space feel even bigger, but it can also be very handy if you plan to sit outdoors in the evenings when it’s getting dark. This can create a cosy environment whilst offering light, so you don’t need to go indoors just because the sun has set.

2. In a recess or alcove

Why not transform your unused space into something stylish and functional? You don’t just need to put your Hollywood mirror by a desk or vanity area. Instead, why not place your mirror in any unused recesses or alcove in your bedroom, bathroom or study.

This can help to open the space out and make the room feel bigger. It also ensures this space is no longer going unused.

You could even add drawers, shelves or a table to this space to turn it into a dressing room.

3. To transform a tiny space like a wardrobe or cupboard
Are you looking to transform a small space like the cupboard under your stairs, the loft, a wardrobe or even just a tiny bedroom or office? If so, then a Hollywood mirror could be just what you need.

Not only can the mirror help to make the room feel bigger, but the addition of the LEDs helps to add some light to the room and make it feel even brighter. This can be particularly important in rooms with no windows like cupboards or wardrobes.

And by adding a Hollywood mirror, you can instantly turn the space into a cosy hideaway and a place where you can get ready for a night out, tucked away from the rest of the household.

4. As a multi-functional mirror
Why not opt for a Hollywood mirror, complete with stylistic LED lights but have this in cabinet form instead?

What do we mean by this?

Well, why waste space in your bathroom when you can make your mirror multi-functional. There are lots of beautiful cabinets out there now, including those that are lit up with LED lights.

These are not only ideal for helping you to get ready and brighten up your bathroom, but they also give you more storage space. This can help to declutter and keep your room looking neat and tidy.

5. Over your bed
Have you got an empty block of wall space above your bed? Perhaps you were considering hanging a piece of artwork or a photo frame there? If so, why not consider hanging a Hollywood mirror instead.

This can add a real cosy feel to the bedroom, and using dimmer bulbs can be a great way to create a relaxing ambience when you’re going to bed. Ensure the switch is within reaching distance, and you can control the lights without even having to get up.

6. On the back of a wardrobe door
If you’re short on space or you just don’t have room to hang another mirror in your room, why not attach your Hollywood mirror to the inside of your wardrobe door instead.

Then, when you shut the door, the mirror is out of sight but open it up to get ready, and you have a great mirror that you can use to do your usual beauty regime or to apply makeup.

Don’t just settle for the ordinary
If you want to do something special with your Hollywood mirror, don’t be afraid to get creative. These can be the perfect addition to any room or perhaps even an outdoor space, so don’t just stick it in the bathroom like everyone else!

Get creative and you can find a unique and unexpected use for your Hollywood mirror.


Hollywood Mirrors are a great addition to any bedroom. Not only are they great for their lighting advantages when it comes doing your hair and makeup, the lights can also create soft lighting in the room, setting a relaxed atmosphere. Our Hollywood Mirrors also have a stunning aesthetic, complete with a glamorous, vintage appeal, all while still remaining modern and fresh. Keep reading to find out why you should swap out your standard vanity mirror for one of ours!

Easy to Use Controls
All of our Hollywood Mirrors come with simple controls that allow you to get the perfect lighting, no matter what the ambient brightness of the room is. Our mirrors are complete with 3 lighting tones – warm, cool, and neutral – that can be set using the touch buttons and adjusted to decrease or increase brightness. Some of our mirrors also come with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect your phone and play music as you get ready.

Bright Bulbs Offer Even Lighting
Any standard vanity mirror without lights may leave you struggling to get those all important details identical, ending with a far from symmetrical finish. With the even illumination provided by the bright LED bulbs, you can really focus on those hard spots and get them perfect. You can even use the adjustable lights to preview your new hairstyle or make-up finish in different lighting conditions, giving you a full spectrum of the finished look!

Set the Mood
Dimmable lights are the most commonly used way of creating mood lighting, but if you don’t have them installed and you don’t want to pay a small fortune for them, you can just use your Hollywood Mirror to radiate some relaxing tones. The lights are bright enough to make a room easily visible without any added glare that may come from a lamp’s bulb; the LED bulbs are designed to create a softer style of lighting.

Great as Decor
Not only functional, our Hollywood Mirrors also look fantastic and serve just as well as a decorative item for your room. The sleek and stylish design can be fitted into a multitude of home design finishes, whether that is a vintage style or modern aesthetic. While the bulbs bring a feel of a classic Broadway dressing room, they still remain a timeless classic that can fit perfectly into its surroundings. If the classic bulb isn’t suited to your taste, our modernised Greta Hollywood Mirror swaps out these bulbs for an LED strip for a very up-to-date take on these revolutionary beauty gadgets.

Overall, Glamorous
Above all else, they just look absolutely stunning. They are an iconic symbol of all things glam, instantly making you feel like a movie star when you look into them. You may even find yourself getting excited for your morning routine before work, soaking up every second before leaving to get on with your day.

Hollywood Mirrors A Dressing Room Must-Have

Lights, camera, action! Bring a touch of glamour to your dressing room with our collection of Hollywood Mirrors.

Here at Docarelife Furniture, we’re super-proud of all of the wonderful mirrored pieces we have on offer. Your home will shine bright with the Hollywood Mirror taking centre stage in any dressing room setting. And don’t forget, once you have a Hollywood mirror set up in your room, you’ll have the perfect place to take a pic, so you’ll always be selfie-ready!


Choose a large landscape vanity mirror that will sit on top of a mirrored dressing or console table, the base of the mirror, which can be detached, allows it to sit perfectly on top of the mirrored surface. Fifteen bulbs sit around the outside of the mirror, illuminating your beauty and makeup routine, getting dressed up has never felt more glamorous than this! If you’re lacking space, then choose our smaller mirror, which shares the same features as our larger mirror, but will sit portrait in your dressing room.

The mirror can be hung on the wall using the neat hooks on the back, and with the base being hassle-free to remove you can even lean the mirror up against the wall. Once you’ve plugged the mirror into a socket, just flick the switch and turn your home into a glamorous spot to dress up.


Choose one of the exquisite Hollywood mirrors and transform your bedroom for your bedroom experience with the brilliance of our exquisite illuminated makeup mirror.

Advantages of our Vanity Table With Hollywood Mirror

1. It can be used in combination with LED bulbs to realize economical lighting. This can help save energy and save you money so it’s great and feel good.

2. With up to 15 bulbs, it can really brighten your face and help make-up etc.

3. Make you look and feel like a Hollywood star and turn your bedroom into a charming dressing room.

4. Like you have never done before, with excellent lighting, a flawless skin tone will make you even more powerful.

5.Docarelife quality mirrored finish with sleek edging, for the most exquisite addition to your interiors.

Our luxurious hollywood makeup mirrors are specially designed for your home or commercial settings. Use them in hotels, bars, restaurants or salons and bring a taste of Docarelife glamour to your life.

Top 5 Benefits of Hollywood Mirrors

Our Hollywood Mirrors are always popular with our customers; not only because they add a touch of class to any room they are in, but because of their high quality. Hollywood Mirrors have been around for decades now: getting their name from the Hollywood movie sets they were first used on, it is no wonder they have now made their way into the average person’s home. There is a reason why the stars of Hollywood always had one in their dressing rooms, and why makeup artists swear by these mirrors: the lighting is superior to any other dressing room lighting. we want to give you the most we can with additional features and guarantees. To help you know what all you are getting with a Docarelife Hollywood Mirror, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 benefits.

Natural Lighting
When it comes to applying makeup, the lighting in a room can make a huge difference. Too harsh a light (or too soft), can cause you to perceive your reflection in a way it will not look once you step outdoors. This means you will end up applying your makeup too thick or in a shade that does not compliment your tone. When applying your makeup, you need a light that is as close to natural outdoor lighting as possible so your makeup has a natural flawless finish. The Hollywood Mirror provides exactly this: soft natural lighting that comes with a dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the lighting to fit exactly what your dressing room calls for.

All Around Lighting
Our LED mirror cabinets come with a range of lighting options: just overhead, patterned lighting, and lighting from the sides. All of these prove useful, but when it comes to hair and makeup, it is essential to have an even source of lighting. The Hollywood Mirrors have LED lights evenly spaced the entire way around the mirror frame, providing an all round even glow. No longer will you have to shift angles to find the best lighting: it is always going to be shining at you from the Hollywood Mirror.

Our desktop Hollywood Mirrors have additional sockets to allow you to multitask. USB ports that allow you to charge your phone and plug sockets to allow your hairdryer and straighteners to sit nearby – everything you could need to get ready is right at your fingertips with Hollywood Mirrors. Some of our Hollywood Mirrors even come with Bluetooth Audio, allowing you to listen to your favourite songs while getting ready.

It is well known that LED lights last much longer than traditional light bulbs, so you are guaranteed that the bulbs that come with your Hollywood Mirror are going to last a very long time. (When one does inevitable need to be replaced, we sell bulbs separately, so no need to worry about where to find a replacement!) These LED lights are much more cost-efficient in the long run as you will not be regularly spending money on replacements. As a promise of the Hollywood Mirror longevity, they all come with a guarantee.

Whether you choose a tabletop Hollywood Mirror for your bedroom or dressing room, or whether you choose a bathroom Hollywood Mirror, we have the perfect choice for you. Our Hollywood Mirror range comes with a selection of shapes and sizes to accommodate any home. No matter what you have in mind, you can find it on our website.

How To Choose The Best Makeup Vanity Mirrors With Lights

What is a makeup vanity mirror and why you need one

As the name suggests, vanity mirrors are ideal for when you’re applying makeup. They offer a well-lit and clear view so you can see, from every angle, what you’re doing and how it looks. As an added bonus, a makeup vanity mirror with lights can complement your bathroom or makeup station, making it look more professional and totes glam.

Hollywood Mirrors

Definitely one of the more popular styles, the Hollywood vanity mirror is as glam as they come! This vintage-inspired beauty mirror with lights is a must-have for your bathroom or makeup station.

For something extra special, check out the Hollywood mirror – it’s our largest panorama mirror, making it a great option for your salon or studio. It’s jam packed with features, like bluetooth sound and easy touch controls, plus 15 energy efficient LED light bulbs to light up even the most glam Queen!

LED vanity mirrors

A makeup mirror with LED lights gives off an even, luminous light which can turn your morning makeup routine into a luxurious affair. When you’ve got a slightly smaller space or need to be a little more portable, the mirror has the goods. It’s lightweight with adjustable brightness, plus it can be tilted to 25 degrees, giving you all the fab angles to work with.

Features to consider

No matter what makeup mirror with lights you choose, there are a few features to keep in mind that will make your life that much easier when it comes to getting your glam on.

  1. Adjustable brightness: The ability to control the amount of light you need is key. Check that the mirror has a few different settings for brightness as you never know what lighting situations you may face.
  2. Bluetooth sound:Turn your next glow up into a party with your tunes cranking right from your vanity mirror! This is especially beneficial if you’re on set or working with clients – they’ll appreciate the bangers while spending time in your chair.
  3. Portability: For all you influencers out there, portability is a game changer when it comes to finding the right vanity mirror. Another feature to keep an eye out for is amirror with a USB port – this likely means it’s USB chargeable or that you can even charge your phone (handy when you’re out and about taking snaps).

Continue to follow us, Docarelife will recommend the best Hollywood makeup mirror for you.

7 Benefits of a Hollywood Mirror

Let’s face it — not everyone is perfect at doing makeup. Even the pros have had trouble at some point.

Do you remember the number of times you put your makeup on at home, only to look and feel different after leaving the house?

You can’t fault your makeup or grooming skills, and that leaves the only remaining culprit — poor bathroom lighting.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to resolve — by investing in a Hollywood Mirror.

How do you think the picture-perfect models on Instagram or your favourite celebrities do their makeup? With a Hollywood Mirror to get that perfect lighting.

You can see it as a luxury item, but you’ll reconsider once you understand the benefits of owning a Hollywood Mirror.

1. They Help You Avoid Makeup Blunders

Ideally, you want to apply your cosmetics in natural light, but you’ll need alternatives when this isn’t available.

Most people choose to use their bathroom lights, or the illumination available on their dressing table.

This creates scenarios where you think you look your best — only to realise it’s the complete opposite. And the problem isn’t your preparation — it’s the lighting.

You see, your favourite bathroom mirror doesn’t provide the perfect atmosphere for makeup or grooming.

Typically, insufficient illumination leads to mistakes, such as using the wrong lipstick or foundation shade, or putting the wrong amount on.

For example, try applying your makeup in natural shine and take a selfie. Then, remove your makeup and apply it again in your bathroom light. Take another photo and compare the two.

You’ll notice a few differences.

A quick skim through Instagram and you’ll notice that most models and influencers always have a lot of light illuminating their faces during their skincare routines.

It’s because light affects how we see colours. And, although you can easily ignore the illumination problem, you’ll soon realise that you’ve been overcompensating — especially when you step into natural light.

Have you experienced this problem?

There’s a simple solution — invest in LED mirrors.

2. Anti-Fog Hollywood Mirrors

We can all agree that the most infuriating problem after showering is a steamy mirror. We’re not trying to be overdramatic, but it sucks the life out of you.

Men, try shaving your beard with a steamy mirror. You’ll probably come out of your bathroom with cuts and some very patchy facial hair.

If you have limited time to get ready, a foggy mirror is the last thing you want to deal with.

There are a few hacks to eliminate this problem — among which is buying a Hollywood Mirror.

Typically, Hollywood Mirrors tend to have an anti-fog system that prevents condensation build-up. This allows you to use the mirror immediately after a bath without needing to wipe it down, meaning you’ll never have to deal with a foggy mirror again.

3. Less Disturbance

No one likes waking up early in the morning. When you get into bed, you hope to sleep until you’re rested or need to wake up for work, school, or other tasks.

However, this becomes a challenge if you have an early riser for a partner.

If they wake up and turn on the lights to get ready, the brightness is likely to wake you, too.

Luckily, you can eliminate this inconvenience by buying a Hollywood Mirror. Such mirrors have LED lights to illuminate only a limited space, and not the greater room. This means you can shave, get ready, and leave for work without waking up your partner


4. Suitable for Everyone

Ordinarily, you’d only expect women and teenage girls to use illuminated mirrors. In fact, according to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, women in the United Kingdom spend about £3,176 on their appearance every year.

Most of this money is spent on cosmetic products, clothes, accessories, gym memberships, and so on. It’s no surprise that both men and women are willing to spend this much money — everyone wants to look and feel good.

One cosmetic product that everyone needs in their home is a good mirror. And not just any mirror — you want a Hollywood Mirror for that picture-perfect illumination.

Before leaving the house, you’ll also want to see how your outfit looks under different lighting. You can tweak the brightness settings to your tastes, ensuring that your outfit perfectly fits the event you’re attending.

5. Energy Efficient LED Bulbs

We’re sure you’ve heard about climate change and carbon emissions from the news and social media. But, have you ever thought about what you could do to reduce how much you contribute?

You can start by switching your home light bulbs with low-energy LED bulbs. If hundreds or millions were to adopt the same strategy, carbon dioxide emissions would reduce.

In addition to this, you can invest in Hollywood Mirrors — which have LED bulbs. With these makeup mirrors, you get to enjoy both the energy-saving and grooming benefits.

LED bulbs are more energy efficient than standard bulbs, and are also guaranteed to last longer.

Owning one of these illuminated mirrors is more necessary as we try to reduce our carbon emissions and save energy.

6. Aesthetics

Hollywood Mirrors can be wall-mounted, free-standing, or portable, depending on where you want to place yours. The shapes also vary between oval, round, square, and rectangular.

The bulbs placed around the mirror means that it will stand out. It can be an accessory or a statement piece in any room, so if you’ve got one of these mirrors, don’t be afraid to show it off.

Flaunt it by placing it on your dressing table, living area, or any other place where it will grab attention and serve its intended purpose.

In addition to adding glamour to your dressing room, these mirrors can help set the mood, as you can adjust the bulb to any brightness you want.

7. Perfectly Balanced Look

Before you leave your home for a date, meeting, or any other event, you’ll want to look good. This typically involves selecting an outfit, as well as other get-ready routines, to ensure you look the part.

For women, you know how your routine starts and ends. Do you begin working on your face, hair, eyebrows, or lips? Most people have a step-by-step guide to help them nail that perfect look.


多亏了这面镜子,您可以让自己的家看起来更 自信

Time to Get Our Hollywood Vanity Mirror


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