Hollywood Mirrors A Dressing Room Must-Have

Lights, camera, action! Bring a touch of glamour to your dressing room with our collection of Hollywood Mirrors.

Here at Docarelife Furniture, we’re super-proud of all of the wonderful mirrored pieces we have on offer. Your home will shine bright with the Hollywood Mirror taking centre stage in any dressing room setting. And don’t forget, once you have a Hollywood mirror set up in your room, you’ll have the perfect place to take a pic, so you’ll always be selfie-ready!


Choose a large landscape vanity mirror that will sit on top of a mirrored dressing or console table, the base of the mirror, which can be detached, allows it to sit perfectly on top of the mirrored surface. Fifteen bulbs sit around the outside of the mirror, illuminating your beauty and makeup routine, getting dressed up has never felt more glamorous than this! If you’re lacking space, then choose our smaller mirror, which shares the same features as our larger mirror, but will sit portrait in your dressing room.

The mirror can be hung on the wall using the neat hooks on the back, and with the base being hassle-free to remove you can even lean the mirror up against the wall. Once you’ve plugged the mirror into a socket, just flick the switch and turn your home into a glamorous spot to dress up.