How To Choose The Best Makeup Vanity Mirrors With Lights

What is a makeup vanity mirror and why you need one

As the name suggests, vanity mirrors are ideal for when you’re applying makeup. They offer a well-lit and clear view so you can see, from every angle, what you’re doing and how it looks. As an added bonus, a makeup vanity mirror with lights can complement your bathroom or makeup station, making it look more professional and totes glam.

Hollywood Mirrors

Definitely one of the more popular styles, the Hollywood vanity mirror is as glam as they come! This vintage-inspired beauty mirror with lights is a must-have for your bathroom or makeup station.

For something extra special, check out the Hollywood mirror – it’s our largest panorama mirror, making it a great option for your salon or studio. It’s jam packed with features, like bluetooth sound and easy touch controls, plus 15 energy efficient LED light bulbs to light up even the most glam Queen!

LED vanity mirrors

A makeup mirror with LED lights gives off an even, luminous light which can turn your morning makeup routine into a luxurious affair. When you’ve got a slightly smaller space or need to be a little more portable, the mirror has the goods. It’s lightweight with adjustable brightness, plus it can be tilted to 25 degrees, giving you all the fab angles to work with.

Features to consider

No matter what makeup mirror with lights you choose, there are a few features to keep in mind that will make your life that much easier when it comes to getting your glam on.

  1. Adjustable brightness: The ability to control the amount of light you need is key. Check that the mirror has a few different settings for brightness as you never know what lighting situations you may face.
  2. Bluetooth sound:Turn your next glow up into a party with your tunes cranking right from your vanity mirror! This is especially beneficial if you’re on set or working with clients – they’ll appreciate the bangers while spending time in your chair.
  3. Portability: For all you influencers out there, portability is a game changer when it comes to finding the right vanity mirror. Another feature to keep an eye out for is amirror with a USB port – this likely means it’s USB chargeable or that you can even charge your phone (handy when you’re out and about taking snaps).

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