• Howllywood Makeup Mirror With Bulb

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The incredible Hollywood Glow XL Illuminated Vanity Mirror is the perfect hollywood mirror with lights for your dressing table or wall.

It’s the second biggest mirror in the hollywood glow range and the essential makeup mirror for your dressing room.

Hollywood Glow XL Illuminated Vanity Mirror LED Bulbs Spec

Height: 80cm
Width: 65cm
Depth: 6.5cm
Weight: 21kg

Hollywood Glow XL Illuminated Vanity Mirror LED Bulbs Features

12 LED bulbs (included)
Dimmer Switch
UK plug socket for straighteners etc
Detachable base
Can be wall mounted (brackets included)
CE & ORHS certified

The illuminated mirror is framed with 12 LED bulbs and includes a dimmer switch to control brightness (essential for getting the perfect lighting for makeup)and a plug socket concealed in the edging to plug in your straighteners or hairdryer.

Multiple Angles Display

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